History, Why and When Thakurli Station came into Existence?

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Thakurli is one of the busiest local stations on Central Railways. Currently only slow trains halt at Thakurli station, but as it is next station to Kalyan, many Dombivli commuters come Thakurli to secure place in crowded trains.

But how many of us really know how and when Thakurli station came in existence?

Thakurli station started in?

Thakurli station is more than 90 year old and came in existence in 1929 i.e. pre independence period.

Trains started to halt at Thakurli much before official station become operational in 1929. Now a days it is been revamped and getting modern look. Recently new platform is added and now new Foot over bridge construction is in progress.

Central Railways started using electric trains from 1925 and initially TATA used to provide electricity for Railways. But then central railways planned to produce its own electricity by starting its power plant between Kalyan and Dombivli stations. To make it easy for workers and goods transportation trains started halting at Thakurli Chole village but Thakurli station built and officially started in 1929.

Thakurli Chole Power House was initially known as ‘ Kalyan Bijali Ghar’ and in 1929 at the time of commissioning its capacity was 40 Mega Watts. Later in four more expansions it added 6 more turbines to increase its total capacity to 140 Megawatts. Unfortunately Chole Power House decommissioned in 1988 when a blast in boiler caused a major accident and led to injury and death of many workers.

Raiways built 52 chawls for its workers and 12 spacious bungalows for British railway officers which are spread across Thakurli west and East. It is commonly known as ‘Bawan Chawl’ and ‘Bara Bangala’. There is also Railways training institute and from 2015 Railways has started Railway Protection Force (RPF) Training Centre in this locality.

Currently Thakurli station is used by vast population staying in Chole, Kachore and Khambalpada Village, 90 Ft Road Area, Dombivli MIDC, Saraswat Colony, Pendse Nagar and nearby area.

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